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Just what Cross-Game?

What is a cross-game?

In Japan, and most of the world for that matter, athletics teams are carried out a certain method. Boys and girls play on separate teams. It turned out a tradition for the purpose of generations and many people, which includes down and dirty feminists and chauvinists, will argue that women of all ages should just recognize it as there is nothing they will do about this.

Ko Kitamura and the 4 Tsukishima siblings that live down the street from him is really an exception to the rule. Aoba loves karate more than anyone and wants to play on an official team, inspite of simple fact that completely a girl. Ko supports her and tries to fulfill Wakaba’s last wish of seeing all of them play in the secondary school baseball tournament at Koshien Stadium.

Aoba’s resolute perseverance to follow her wish causes friction between herself and the male-dominated sports activities world. She faces strains from her guy players and in addition from the motor coachs of her rival all-girls team. The most notable one was when the Seishu coach purchased her to pitch over and over again in order to wear down her physique.

Aoba’s message and the themes behind it are the particular Cross Video game be noticeable among other shonen manga. The series is a holding drama that will aid you think twice about male or female roles. It is just a perfect example of how great a shonen manguera can be. Is genuinely a should read for fans of your genre!